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Tell us about Little Rock Lightning.

Little Rock Lightning is a professional basketball team that provides a professional basketball experience to the Little Rock community, our fans, and business partners. We are determined to support our community and provide a lasting impact.

What made you have the confidence to start a professional basketball team?

Following the voice of God! It may sound cliche, but after school, I didn’t know what was next, but the Lord told me to keep pursuing the calling he gave me using the game of Basketball. Through basketball, He ultimately empowered me to want to do more for Little Rock.

What doors have been opened due to you following your dreams?

Major Doors have been opened and are still opening up. Through this, we have connected with NBA affiliates such as Kendrick Perkins, Steve Francis, and Cliff Levingston. We have been able to give guys opportunities Overseas and in the G-League and also give Staff and Interns Career opportunities in places like the NBA and NBA G-League.

Athletics is an interesting topic in the Black community. On one end, people push their kids to become a part of that less than 1% who play professionally. On the other, many preach the false realities of such dreams and attempt to steer children in a different direction. What is the balance you have found?

I believe the balance is in letting aspiring athletes try and letting them learn. As loved ones, we usually don’t like to see other loved ones hurt. In this business, I see the extremities of both sides, either feeling like your loved one is the greatest ever to play, so he can’t do anything wrong which hurts them, or they don’t want them to be disappointed, so they discourage them from trying. I believe you let them figure it out, and if they wish to do it, their passion will guide them.