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Speak on production, engineering, and being a vocal artist. Did you develop all these skills simultaneously, or did they come one at a time?

In my younger days I started writing raps in my black notebook aiming to be the next J Cole or something. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but there came a point where I began to run out of beats to write to. Around that time is when I started to lock in with Panda and Spotboy. I owe a lot of what I’m able to do now to them. Over the years, Panda taught me to make beats, and Spotboy gave me the basics of recording, mixing, and mastering. Individually, all three are crates alone but together they create who I’ve become today.

How do these skills help each other? Does your versatility in the studio make you a sharper thinker?

Being able to take a record from start to finish without the help of anyone else is a big feat for me. The skills to produce, engineer, and write definitely aid each other in the studio environment. It helps me be more useful to not only myself but also those in the sessions as well.

How does music help you outside of the studio?

Outside of the studio, music helps me build a deeper connection with this around me. Oftentimes, I run to music to cope with the trials of this world so knowing there are others like me helps keep my mind at peace.

What is the culture of Killeen, Texas? How connected are artists in Killeen with Dallas and Austin artists? How does it feel to be a staple in Killeen at such a young age?

Right now in Killeen, the environment could use a little work in regards to building as a community. The culture around here is anchored in hate but the squad and myself plan to change that. Artists in other cities are tapped in through social media platforms which is a very good start. Eventually I plan on getting everyone in one place together so we can work. In Killeen, there aren’t too many other people who can rap, produce, and engineer their whole discography. I wanna be a blessing to others with the gifts God gave me and create a real community.

Additional thoughts?

I’m an artist/engineer/producer formerly known as I Am Nemrac. Now, I go by lil Plenty and I’m on a mission to make sure the world knows what it truly means to count me out.

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