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The Hearts of Artists

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Describe your art form. How do you draw inspiration?

Okay, I would say my work is more visual art, with painting being my strong suit. My inspiration really comes from life, honestly. Painting keeps my life balanced, so if I go a couple of days without it, I feel like I’m not myself or being productive, you know? I also draw inspiration from my family, as they are very supportive of my artwork and keep me going.

What art pieces are you most proud of?

I am proud of all my work but definitely the proudest of the piece I painted about a year ago for NBA player Bobby Portis. I even got the chance to meet him and give him the painting. It was a great experience, and he loved the piece.

What are some challenges you face when trying to sell your art? How do you know how to price your art?

Honestly, everything–lol selling your artwork is a challenge in itself. What I’ve learned is to let it come to you. Trying to force sales and do artwork to get it sold will make you lose your passion. I’ve learned to keep making art and learn how to put myself out there. Create a solid brand and learn to use social media for marketing yourself; the rest will fall in line…but you have to put the work in. Pricing your artwork depends on you, but I usually charge by the size and the amount of time/detail it’ll take because you always want to get paid for your time.

What do you do when you feel empty?

This is a good question. Personally, I try to find other things that motivate me besides art or bring me good spirits. Prayer, the gym, and going for nature walks all bring me peace, so those are things I usually do if I feel empty/not the best.

What does the outside world need to know about the artists’ community?

As creative thinkers, we provide joy, interaction, and inspiration through our work, as well as critiquing social, political, and economic ways to make steps toward social progress. That’s on a, more significant standard, but in more minor aspects, we–I feel like we bring pride to the community–especially in smaller cities like where I’m from. We also set examples for younger people wanting to consider careers in the arts.