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Revolt Renaissance Publishing Spring, 2023

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Under the leadership of Kris S. Croom, Revolt Renaissance Publishing has gained visibility across Central Arkansas, and it appears that the team has barely broken the huddle.

Founders Kris Croom and Wesley Peters at Mahogany Books, Washington, DC 2022

Meet us in Dallas!

Author of Brianna’s Dreams: I Just Want To Know, Debra Davis, and Illustrator Giovanni Perkins


The initiative of mayor-author Derrick Rainey, tips for authors, and words from founder Kris S. Croom.

We began the year with an informational community meeting, highlighting our authors, their books, and their knowledge.

A recap of “So You Think You Want To Write A Book” can be found below:


Authors Debra Davis, Robert Alexander, Kris Croom, Dezarea Duckworth, LaTanya Coleman Carter, and Derrick Rainey


Thanks again to Pulaski County Circuit & County Clerk Terri Hollingsworth, Sixth Division Circuit Court Judge Leon Johnson, and the City of Little Rock for sponsoring this event.

Debra Davis and Giovanni Perkins
Author Debra Davis and illustrator Giovanni Perkins

Following the January 21 event, Revolt Renaissance Publishing authors Debra Davis, Dezarea Duckworth, and Derrick Rainey shared the stage with Chief Creative Wesley Peters, author Vincent Hunter, CEO of Vital Vibez, Marcus Walker, and world-renowned illustrator Adaja Cooper at the 2023 UAMS Midsouth Black Expo. This annual event hosted over 2,100 attendees.

Event flyer

Event flyer

Special thank you to BK Simmons for recognizing Revolt Renaissance Publishing and inviting us to the stage!

Author Vincent Hunter on the power of voice: “I found my voice through using it.”
Adaja Cooper, Marcus Walker, Vincent Hunter, Debra Davis, Dezarea Duckworth, Derrick Rainey, and Wesley Peters

Black History Month

Black History Month was a huge success for Revolt Renaissance Publishing. Much appreciation to Attorney William Proctor for allotting us the space to host our first book fair. Kudos to our authors as well as our author friends (authors we didn’t publish but still support), and our event partner, Vital Vibez, for showing up and representing. The community feedback is encouraging.

Author Amber Booth-McCoy
Customer engages author Amber Booth-McCoy
Author Derrick Rainey, Attorneys Willard Proctor and Ernest Sanders
Author Derrick Rainey, Attorneys Willard Proctor and Ernest Sanders
Authors and attendees at Revolt Renaissance
Authors and attendees at Revolt Renaissance’s February 11 Black Book Fair
Artist Marcus Lewis, Director Andrea Lewis, Hogan, and author Vincent Hunter
Artist Marcus Lewis, Director Andrea Lewis, Hogan, and author Vincent Hunter

BHM Continued…365, right?

Our Chief Creative, Wesley Peters, and National Award-Winning Artist, Adaja Cooper, collaborated on “Arkansas Black History Coloring Book Volume One.” Under the leadership of Angela Bradford, the two broadcasted 20 Arkansans with world influence. The collaboration was a hit, leading to a feature on THV 11.

Arkansas Black History

*Screenshot from Today’s Communiqué* Angela Bradford (the visionary), Adaja Cooper, and Wesley Peters See more images courtesy of Today’s Communiqué from the February 11 book fair below

Wesley and Adaja

Wesley and Adaja at Hendrix College

Children collaboration coloring book
Children coloring the collaboration coloring book
Adaja Cooper

Adaja Cooper in THV11 interview with Jurnee Taylor

Arkansas Black History Coloring Book Volume One can be purchased on Adaja’s website:
Arkansas Black History Coloring Book

A word from our co-founder Kris S. Croom

How has the transition been going from the author of one book to the founder of a publishing company?

Switching roles wasn’t a huge adjustment for me only because of my previous business endeavor. I learned a lot from my first entrepreneurship venture, and here on my second take, all I want to do is apply the knowledge I gained from those experiences and execute with Revolt Renaissance. Since August, the success we’ve had as a collective has been remarkable, and I don’t plan on taking my foot off the gas. This is only the beginning.

What have been some variations between marketing the book you authored versus some of your children’s book authors?

It’s all about knowing your target audience! With my particular audience, I use pop culture and music to gain traction, along with placing marketing propaganda in barbershops. For our children’s authors, we continually build connections with school librarians, teachers, principals, and faith-based leaders to gain access to children and their parents.

Kris Croom

Kris Croom and customer at event “So You Think You Want To Write A Book?”

How has your creativity been challenged? Has running a publishing company been fun? Growing up, did you see yourself as an intellectual?

I’ve definitely tapped into another side of my brain that I didn’t know existed. Being around literature is contagious, and I’ve found myself helping authors develop content and paint their pictures in ways I never imagined.

I know I’m having fun because I get caught up in the work, and I don’t ever want to put it down. Every day, I’m looking for ways to make this company grow.

Growing up, I only saw myself as a ball player. Now that I’ve grown up, I wonder how much further I’d be if I had used my intellectual abilities sooner.

Author’s Initiatives

If there’s one word to describe author Derrick Rainey, it’s intentional. Here’s the story:

His cousin, Cameron Jones (who is also the illustrator of his book, Nite-Nite Tales: The Adventures of Bubble Gets Her Wings), came to town, and the go-getter, Mayor Rainey, called an artists’ link up. A panel was had, as well as a toast (of course, Sparkling Grape Juice).

Mayor Derrick Rainey
Author and Mayor Derrick Rainey toasting
Illustrator Cameron Jones
Illustrator Cameron Jones
Purchase Derrick and Cameron’s book here:
Event attendees enjoying a toast

Event attendees enjoying a toast

Purchase Derrick and Camerons book

Author’s Initiatives (Cont.)

Similar to the drive of author Derrick Rainey, Debra Davis carries a persistence about her as well. On March 30, she held a community discussion, “Grown-ups should have conversations about their childhood too,” at the Community Bakery Main Street location just in time for the ending of Women’s History Month. Participants included therapists, community activists, ministers, artists, and community members. Thank you, John, for your willingness to open up Community Bakery for this event!

Event flyer

Author Debra Davis

Author Debra Davis and event attendees

Quick Tip:

If you are an author interested in in-person tours, it is vital to grow in public speaking. Curating and participating in communal events are perfect ways to gain engagement and repetition.

Purchase author Debra Davis’ book below:

Purchase author Debra Davis book

Carver STEAM Magnet Elementary Book Fair

Headed into Spring with full steam, Revolt Renaissance held an intimate book fair for the parents, teachers, and students at Carver STEAM Elementary School on April 11, following Parent Appreciation Night. A special thank you to Jason Crador for the connection, and to Latoya Morgan for orchestrating such a beautiful event.
Author Debra Davis and Carver parents

Author Debra Davis and Carver parents

“Connect with your customer. Make the first move. Don’t just sit or let it be about you and your product….Network!!!”
– Author Dr. Brenda Pierce

Customer and Author Dr. Brenda Pierce Bowles

Author Debra Davis and Carver parents

Quick Gem:

Intimate book fairs are amazing for sales.
Think about it: You are one of a select group of vendors. That means little to no competition…which means more sales. Partner with PTA’s, librarians, principals, and district staff and host intimate book fairs.

Song By Maze, Before I Let Go:

We are so excited for all of our authors and especially for the highly anticipated “There Are No Parameters Here” by author Dezarea Duckworth. The book is finally ready to order. Be sure to leave a review on Amazon!

Learn more about corporate leadership, preparation to climb the corporate ladder, team strategies, and more at Dezarea’s official brunch and book signing at 10:00 AM, May 20, at Electric Shuffle Dallas.

Register Here:

Revolt Renaissance

Meet The Revolt Renaissance Team In Dallas!