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You’ve been able to capitalize on the music scene for several years. How do you stay consistent?

Hmmm, I do what I like and don’t really try to impress others. I realized early in my journey that no one truly cares! Life is bottled within 30-second clips, 10 second sound bits, and finger swipes. If you can’t seize the audience within that time…you in trouble my boy. 

Once, I realized that we all just looking to be entertained through either something extremely dope or something extremely dumb, I decided to focus on making my next move…my best move then making that move as dope as I can.

Your visuals are always off the chain. What makes up a dope visual, and how do you stay creative?

First off, thank you for the kind words. I think the first thing in making a dope visual is confidence. Whatever you do, do it confidently and it will shine out here in these streets. My consistent method of creativity is being around other creatives; people who don’t mind trying new and innovative concepts and ideas. Now granted, some of the “creative” things that I have done, YOU WILL NEVER SEE because it was an epic fail lol…

And to be real with you (not like I wasn’t real at first but you feel me), my creativity isn’t something that I can completely take credit for…Creativity is a gift that God gave me. I literally just have random thoughts and concepts and be like…well God did it again, let’s ride.

You intersect fashion with music. Do you design your own looks? Do you/did you have an influential figure who was stylish that you look at as a role model?

Yup yup, I design my own things. Once I got into graphic design, I learned to craft things that show the words that I don’t know how to say. My fashion influence comes from both sides of my family. My Uncle Mark (on my father’s side) used to be pull up to work (he worked as the lead painter at the family auto shop) in damn near a suit and I would watch him and admire how he put that s*** on! My momma and grandfather taught me the meaning behind drip like they made it biblical. They showed me that regardless how bad life hits you, as a black man you never let the world know…get fresh and put hands on the world!

What is “Fresh University?”

Fresh University was fabricated during the summer of 2020. For me, that year was a year decorated with depression, anxiety, creativity, dreams and ambition. It was that unique infusion of emotions in which Fresh University’s motto of “Life Is The Greatest Teacher” was born. We all are students of life. If we continue to push, continue to fight. Continue to dream and work; we will convert from student to teacher.

Fresh University is more than a clothing brand packed with sharp designs and timeless looks; this is a lifestyle.

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