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Derrick Rainey Interview

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Congratulations on your mayoral election! What excites you most about your new position? What problems do you want to solve?

Thank you! The things that most excite me about my new position are that this is an opportunity to make history by investing in a place I call home, that there is a major opportunity for growth and development, and that the people of Wrightsville voted and are standing up to declare they are ready for change. We want to address three significant areas towards a New Plan, New Vision, and New Direction for Wrightsville: Education, Economic Development, and Engagement at the Citizen, Community, and Civic levels.

Please talk about your new book, Bubbles Gets Her Wings.

Bubbles Gets Her Wings is part of a series of stories that truly are a story of imagination in the presence of reality. This story encourages youth and adults to dream big and allow what they see or don’t see to inspire them to do great things and manifest better versions of themselves. Bubbles Gets Her Wings tells a shortened version of a family getting ready to take a vacation – one filled with surprises and adventure. Bubbles and her mother are seen gazing at the runway when Bubbles witnesses something amazing. She sees what she thinks is a bird, but really she experiences a phenomenon. The conversation with her mother ignites Bubbles’ imagination to one day achieve a dream of becoming an aircraft pilot. The sky is truly the limit – Dream BIG!

What’s your favorite part about being an author?

As a creative (musical, visual, and literary), my favorite part about being an author is taking the images and songs I have in my head and putting words on a page that takes the reader on a journey. This is not just an escape. It’s the hopes, dreams, and actual experiences I’ve had with my daughter that one day will chronicle her life’s journey and imagination. There are over 40 different story concepts waiting to be expanded and illustrated. And the hope and best part about me being an author is not for me to win awards but for Bubbles to take those story concepts and author them herself.

How did Bubble Land come about?

How would you feel about a place where dreams are real, a place where anything can be achieved if only you believe? Bubble Land exists in the hearts and minds of people who work in-kind. Follow Bubbles on an expedition where realizing dreams is the mission.

Bubble Land represents the intersection of imagination and manifestation. Many times we have stopped dreaming as adults, and in turn kids have no sense of creativity. We are all locked into our devices and even will prefer Ai virtual reality over the natural virtual reality of our powerful minds. Bubble Land is an intentional effort to bring our imaginations to the forefront of change and self-actualization.

What advice would you give young and seasoned writers?

Just write! I’ve journaled for years just as therapy to get thoughts and events out of my head and onto a page. I didn’t set out to be an author. However, as I was writing letters to Bubbles before she was born, they started turning into mini storyboards. But they were just a series of Google Slides with ideas on them. This is my second book in the Nite-Nite Tales: The Adventures of Bubbles series. And that first book didn’t happen until I met my cousin, who illustrated both books, and the publisher. Just like this book, I reconnected with Wesley, who, in conversation, revealed his role in publishing. My advice is just to write and then seek out and wait on the right people to join you on your literary journey.

How do you plan on enhancing literacy in Wrightsville? How will you expose your writing concept, ‘wings,’ in Wrightsville?

Well, first, this question is dope and has so much depth. The City of Wrightsville has a partnership with the Central Arkansas Library System as the Millie Brooks Branch in Wrightsville. So this is a natural connection point to advance literacy throughout the City and area communities. We’ve already coordinated a year of events and efforts to engage youth and adults centered around literacy and learning. I’m scheduled to do a reading day to share Bubbles Gets Her Wings in the coming months. The wings in Wrightsville will come as we empower and give agency back to people who are creatives and who have a story to tell by providing venue space, engagements, and platforms to reach all of our generations.

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Nite-Nite Tales: The Adventures of Bubbles Gets Her Wings: Rainey, Derrick: 9798987115435: Books