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Why The F*ck Am I Broke?

⁃ The average American works a minimum of 40 hours weekly, 58% live paycheck to paycheck which in turn leads into anxiety and depression.

⁃ Kris started his career as most young adults lacking a foundation of financial literacy and money management skills. He fell into society’s norm, purchased a new Dodge charger with a high interest rate, purchased every Jordan sneaker release and and just so happened to be renting a luxury apartment that he couldn’t afford. You couldn’t tell him anything, he was living the American dream!

⁃ Within the course of a year, Kris moved to a new state, had a child on the way and his financial habits were exposed.

⁃ Instead of succumbing to society and falling into the societal norms, he allowed this time to be a lesson and used the energy to educate himself.

⁃ This book is a memoir of a young man who when back was against the wall instead of feeing sorry for himself exercised tenacity and educated himself. This story is too far common amongst young adults, hopefully this will enlighten you no matter your age, gender or religion on ways to change your financial life around.

Meet The Author

Kristopher Croom, an Air Force Veteran from Little Rock, Arkansas presents his debut novel to the world. With a knack for financial literacy, education and telling his story, he decided to take the opportunity to make an impact on the financial literacy game.

Book Reviews

K Madison Designs

"Kris. I love the flow of it all. Very well balanced with information, the history, your experiences, and you topped it off with bars from some of the greats. Definitely a read I would buy."

Ronald J Graham II MBA, Co-Founder of Hustle Smarter

"Your context and verbiage aligns with the title. .... It's anger, it's bitterness... ... It's 'Muffucka listen to what I say before you do the same shit!"

LaTanya Coleman-Carter

"I love the use of the African American English style of writing; it's my native tongue. By presenting this topic in that form, it makes it easier to read, digest, and understand."

Dezarea Duckworth, MS

"The title is raw, truthful, and authentic, and everything mentioned in your book backed these three things."