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Meet Dezarea Duckworth

Lead with kindness

Life is a continuous cycle of being a leader and being led by someone in a leadership position. My number one priority is to help transform the traditional “My way or the highway” leadership style into servant-based leadership. I will preach this over and over: I strive for leaders to see their teams as people; collectively, as leaders, we must always treat people as people.


Join me as we renew and recreate the picture of what a leader is “supposed” to be. The world is changing a million miles a minute, and leaders must evolve to maintain successful companies. Leaders must serve, hear, and then gracefully direct. Everyone has emotions and difficulties in their life, including leaders. Imagine the working world where our leadership is servant based!

About The Book

Many Americans have worked in hostile environments with leaders they dread talking to and working under. Considering subordinates spend an immense amount of time under leadership, we as leaders must create workspaces for our teams and colleagues to breathe easier. It’s simple science: a calm mind is a powerful mind. Individuals on our teams aren’t robots and shouldn’t be treated as emotionless beings. Cultural recognition, individuality, and complete transparency should be celebrated and given from the start of their work under your leadership to the end. Micromanagement is an old-fashioned form of leadership that should be put to rest. Is it time to give your leadership style a tune-up? Implement these practices with your teams and see how they transform. As you grow as a leader, you will understand that every individual is not the same and that making adjustments is vital to the company’s growth.

There Are No Parameters Here

See what colleagues have to say about Dezarea Duckworth:

"Dezarea's leadership skills are simple: she listens and understands who she leads!She is kind and, most importantly, transparent. All of the ways to grasp being a great leader, she develops. Handling conflict is easy for Dezarea because she isn't confrontational, and she listens.
Leadership is not always the loudest in the room; Dezarea demonstrates effectiveness and her strategies are on point.”
Taylor Nowden, agent
"The best way to describe the author, Dezarea, as a leader is somebody that doesn't micromanage you but doesn't need to because she has that personality type that you want to do your best work for. I over performed at work because I Wanted to put the same energy into Dezarea that she put in us as a team team.”
Sterling Escobar, agent
"Leadership styles demonstrated in There Are No Parameters Here do an amazing job of showing leadership qualities. Often Dezarea is a perfect example of showing a willingness to listen and effectively communicate. She always goes the extra mile to establish trust and is amazing at motivating others to be their best selves.”
Yumon King, colleague

Allow us to work with you

Let’s walk alongside each other and grow together as leaders by partnering through this workshop! Let’s transform and renew teams across the country to become servant leaders ~ Dezarea Duckworth, Ms.

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