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Examining Greatness

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What makes up an excellent athlete long-term?

Competitive spirit and attention to detail make an excellent long-term athlete.

What do you look at when analyzing a sports team?

I look at stats, numbers, team unity, chemistry, and of course, the Eye test.

What’s the Eye test?

A team could look good on paper but look bad to the eye and vice versa.

Who is the most outstanding sports analyst of all time? Why?

Stuart Scott because he paved the way for black sports analysts. He always had his stuff together and was always on point with his Analyst.

Who are some of the all-time great sports teams? What about their team made them great?

I look at the dynasty Nick Saban built at Alabama. Every year they’re dominant. Even in their down years, they’re still good. You have to respect the consistency they bring every year in the work they put in. And you see the results with all the Alabama players in the NFL.